For more than 20 years Sepid teb Pharmaceutical Co. has been involved in import and distributes medicines and supplements. At the end of 2012, aiming to produce medicines decided to establish a Research & Development Laboratory, one year later in August 2013 with the presence of a group of professor & outstanding ringmasters of this industry celebrated its opening. At the moment our lab became one of Accredit Laboratory of Food & Drug Administration throughout our country.

Meanwhile with obtaining the production Certificate from Ministry of Health and also Food & Medicine Administration, our company starts to establish its own factory in Nazar Abad Industrial Town (Karaj).


Simultaneously with factory construction, our company also has been formulated 48 pharmaceutical products for various therapeutic segments & food supplements in our Laboratory which 14 have got the production license, 23 of them are under inspection by MOH to get the production license and the rest are under formulation. 


We also have done many research in field of Raw Material production, in this regard have achieved the permission for establish Raw Material Production Factory and its license has issued by name of Sepid Teb Pharmaceutical Co.

Relying on our glorious background in pharmaceutical field & considering the shortage of cancer medicines in our country we have started fast expanding presence in  importing anti-cancer medicines from England to make these kinds of medicines more accessible for patients those who suffering from cancer.