From among nutritious recommendations for reducing risk of urinary infection, we may point out drinking sufficient quantities of water every day. One of the ways, which has been proved for decrease of infection, is to make bladder area becomes acidy. Some foodstuffs may help us in this regard. One of the herbs, which had been used for control of urinary infection among American Indians, prior to discovery and protraction of antibiotics, was Cranberry. The said plant is originated from North America. Cranberry is enriched with Vitamin C, Flavonoids, Citric Acid and Benzoic Acid.  Various studies have designated the effect of the Cranberry in prevention of urinary infection in the individuals, who vulnerable against recurrent infections. However, they didn’t limit the said effect only by change in acidity of the urinary tract. According to studies contracted earlier, extent of change in acidity of urinary tract after receiving berry is trivial. However, mechanism of the effect of the said fruit in reducing risk of infections is focused on prevention the bacterium to be connected and stuck to mucous membrane. The said antibacterial property of Cranberry is attributed existence of fructose and Proantocianidine in extract of the said herb. The desirable effect of Cranberry is to prevent reoccurrence of recurrent urinary tract infection among women, confirmed by American Gynecologists Association. In addition to prevention of said infection, the said compound is also used during treatment period in order to expedite recovery process of infection of urinary tract. It should be noted that no intervention has been reported yet with respect to consuming the said compound with antibiotics, affecting treatment of urinary infections. Consequently, Cranberry can be used together with common antibiotics for treatment of urinary infections with peace of mind. The said compound may be reused after recovery for prevention of such infection as well.
In addition to using Cranberry, from among other concerning points about prevention of urinary infection are frequent urination and not preventing discharge for a long period. Using herbal compounds of diuretic property may be helpful for prevention of aggregation of bacteria in urinary tract and eventually prevention of infection. For example, Bearberry and Golden Rod enjoy diuretic property and are helpful for property urinating and clearing urinary tract.